My sweet tooth is ecstatic today. Our first supply of Yuma’s Brocket Farms Medjool dates was just hand delivered!

Fresh, soft, chewy, decadent, and delicious are just some of the thoughts that come to mind with each deliberate and savoring bite. Each big and plump date is enjoyable on its own or marries perfectly with any of the hand-stuffed ingredients, such as pecans, almonds, dried cranberries, dried apricot, walnuts, or flaked coconut. My favorite of the hand-stuffed dates is the Medjool Date with Pecans. When you bite through the dense, cake-like texture of the date and into the fresh, crunchy pecans… it’s so tempting and delicious that my mouth is watering right now! It’s such a sweet and satisfying treat that just can’t get any better. But oh, it can…because in cooler seasons Brocket Farms will cover their dates in chocolate! Can’t wait.

Brocket Farms LLC is a small, family run business located in sunny Yuma, Arizona and offers Medjool dates as well as fresh eggs, right from their own farm. The dates are all harvested and packed by hand.

Brocket Farms 4 piece Stuffed Dates shown in a small gift crate along with Rango Honey, The Simple Farm Goat’s Milk Sea Salt Caramels, and Revolution Tea minis.

We currently carry the 6oz and 10oz clamshells, and 2 piece, 4 piece and 20 piece stuffed dates. These products will start to be added to our special requests and custom gift baskets right away, then make their way into some of our standard designs over time. They are available right now in our Elegant Gourmet Gift Basket and Design-It-Yourself Gift Crates!

The Medjool whole dates in a clear clamshell packaging, and the stuffed dates in their craft boxes are a perfect inclusion into gift baskets for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, gluten-free themes, fresh fruit baskets, healthier themed gifts, get well, and etc.

If you don’t yet see Brocket Farms dates in your gift basket of choice – just ask!

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Always and Forever Valentine Gift Basket - Standard

Always and Forever Valentine Gift Basket – Standard

Valentine’s Day can be compared to “The Big Game”…it’s not always the biggest and strongest player that makes the touchdown, it’s the player who’s got the right moves.

Here are three easy tips for keeping your Valentine’s Day celebration on budget and still make a big impression:

1. Have a Game Plan & Avoid the “Audible”
Show up to the big game without a playbook and you’re in big trouble, the whole team suffers. A little bit of planning and you can be yards ahead on game day.

* Remember, Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, so plan accordingly.
* Altho companies do their best to meet demand, the most popular floral and gift basket products can sell out quickly. Don’t get stuck with your “second string” choice.

Enchanting Tulips

Enchanting Tulips

2. Study the Other Team & Customize Your Offense
Is your “big play” going to end up on the highlight reel or the bloopers?

*Know your sweetie’s weaknesses, likes and dislikes.
*Personalize, personalize, personalize!

3. Go for the Extra Point
Now that you’ve picked the perfect play, get the most impact for your hard work…it’s all in the timing!

*Plan your special delivery to arrive at your sweetie’s place of work, or other public place, for the most “WOW Factor”.
*Planning a few smaller gifts? Have the gifts delivered to his office at different times throughout the work day.
*Dinner at a restaurant? How about a small gift, or simple handwritten card, waiting for your reservation.
*Planning a big Valentine’s weekend? Surprise your sweetie with a small gift as a “teaser” to her office so she can show it off to her friends.
*Staying at a Valley resort for the weekend? Have chocolate-drenched strawberries delivered to your room.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries hand delivered in Phoenix

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries hand delivered in Phoenix

Now, as far as the End Zone Dance. . .You’re on your own for that one!

P.S. Looking for a full-service florist? We recommend God’s Garden Treasures, Tempe, AZ.

(Updated; originally 2/3/2012)

OOOOOhhhhh, YEAH! This product is absolutely awesome.

Silk Shortbread (S&B Gourmet Foods, LLC, Phoenix, AZ) was founded with a mission to bring the classic flavor of an old family shortbread recipe to be enjoyed as they are in the quaint tea rooms of the UK. They succeed with a delicate and rich flavor thanks to a very short list of quality ingredients (free of preservatives); plus the cookies pair beautifully with our favorite teas and coffees. They bake, hand cut and package all of their cookies right here in Phoenix.

We’ve carried the delectably incredible, sinfully crave-able, Silk Shortbread cookies for quite some time, reveling in the Cherry Almond and Classic Butter cookie recipes.

Silk Shortbread Cookies and Shortbread Brownies

So, how could one possibly make our most favoritist shortbread cookies ever even better? Uh, top it with a rich chocolate brownie, duh! Oh, and you want a gluten-free version? No prob!

Yes, you read that right. They’ve created an original and a gluten-free version. And unbelievably, the Gluten-Free Gourmet Shortbread Brownie, made using oat and rice flour, is THE BEST gluten-free baked product I have ever tasted. Even my non-GF taste testers agree.

How can my raised eyebrows get even higher at this moment? Currently, M.R. Designs & Gifts is the ONLY company in Arizona to carry the Silk Shortbread Gourmet Shortbread Brownies, and one of only two companies in the world (a retailer in CO received a shipment as well), before the products are officially rolled out later this month.

Our stock is limited until the products officially are released later this month, and until we start adding them to our online gift basket arrangements please be sure to ask for the Shortbread Brownies or Gluten Free Shortbread Brownies in your gift basket order.

M.R. Designs & Gifts

For 12 years people have been raving about our Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries. They’ve been saying:

“These are the biggest, freshest and best chocolate-dipped strawberries I’ve ever had! Didn’t want to share them!‎”


“[Y]ou should see the size of these chocolate covered strawberries……. Holy smokes. I think each one will be a meal in itself…”


“The chocolate dipped strawberries were such a big hit that I had received a phone call from our clients just moments before my e-mailed confirmation of delivery. They were a big hit. “


Well, you get the picture.

Another thing we kept hearing is that “Chocolate-Dipped” just didn’t seem to do our gift strawberries justice; especially when compared to the chocolate-dipped strawberries provided by other companies. Take a look for yourself at the comparison:

They suggested we should describe them as “Chocolate-Drowned Strawberries”, “Chocolate-Bathed Strawberries”, or “Huge Strawberries with So Much Chocolate On Them They Are A Meal In Itself”. While that last one is very descriptive, it also didn’t fit well in the marketing materials, so we decided on…..”Chocolate-Covered Strawberries“!

So, they have a new name, but are still as fabulous as ever! Haven’t given them a try? Well, send some to your sweetie this Valentine’s Day, maybe they’ll share!

Greetings Gift Box - The Entertainer - Premium

Greetings Gift Box – The Entertainer – Premium

Enjoying an Arizona farmer’s market this weekend? Many of the local gourmet products that you’ll find in our gift baskets we “discovered” at our nearby farmer’s markets.

One such product is PB Americano. We came across their table at the Central Farmers’ Market and tried samples of their various flavors, including Cinnamon, White Chocolate, and Dark Chocolate. Not only are the products delicious, versatile, and attractive, PB Americano is a mission-minded company. For example, 100% of the proceeds from their Dark Chocolate peanut butter goes directly to the Fund For The Americas initiative in support of relief work across the Western Hemisphere. They work closely with the NGO A Roof For My Country to carry out development projects like emergency housing construction and job training programs in 19 countries across the Americas while also working towards the goal of bolstering communities and economies with grants for sustainable job producers and micro-loans for startups.

Welcome to the M.R. Designs & Gifts family of Arizona gourmet products, PB Americano! Here is the Cinnamon Peanut Butter featured in our Entertainer Gift Box, the Farmer’s Market Gift Box, and the Arizona Flavors Gift Basket - Premium. Please check out PB Americano and support as you are able.