Avoiding the Audible: 3 Tips on getting the biggest bang for your buck this Valentine’s Day

Feb 2, 2015

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Always and Forever Valentine Gift Basket - Standard

Always and Forever Valentine Gift Basket – Standard

Valentine’s Day can be compared to “The Big Game”…it’s not always the biggest and strongest player that makes the touchdown, it’s the player who’s got the right moves.

Here are three easy tips for keeping your Valentine’s Day celebration on budget and still make a big impression:

1. Have a Game Plan & Avoid the “Audible”
Show up to the big game without a playbook and you’re in big trouble, the whole team suffers. A little bit of planning and you can be yards ahead on game day.

* Remember, Valentine’s Day is on a Saturday this year, so plan accordingly.
* Altho companies do their best to meet demand, the most popular floral and gift basket products can sell out quickly. Don’t get stuck with your “second string” choice.

Enchanting Tulips

Enchanting Tulips

2. Study the Other Team & Customize Your Offense
Is your “big play” going to end up on the highlight reel or the bloopers?

*Know your sweetie’s weaknesses, likes and dislikes.
*Personalize, personalize, personalize!

3. Go for the Extra Point
Now that you’ve picked the perfect play, get the most impact for your hard work…it’s all in the timing!

*Plan your special delivery to arrive at your sweetie’s place of work, or other public place, for the most “WOW Factor”.
*Planning a few smaller gifts? Have the gifts delivered to his office at different times throughout the work day.
*Dinner at a restaurant? How about a small gift, or simple handwritten card, waiting for your reservation.
*Planning a big Valentine’s weekend? Surprise your sweetie with a small gift as a “teaser” to her office so she can show it off to her friends.
*Staying at a Valley resort for the weekend? Have chocolate-drenched strawberries delivered to your room.

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries hand delivered in Phoenix

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries hand delivered in Phoenix

Now, as far as the End Zone Dance. . .You’re on your own for that one!

P.S. Looking for a full-service florist? We recommend God’s Garden Treasures, Tempe, AZ.

(Updated; originally 2/3/2012)