New Product: Brocket Farms Medjool Dates

May 3, 2017

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My sweet tooth is ecstatic today. Our first supply of Yuma’s Brocket Farms Medjool dates was just hand delivered!

Fresh, soft, chewy, decadent, and delicious are just some of the thoughts that come to mind with each deliberate and savoring bite. Each big and plump date is enjoyable on its own or marries perfectly with any of the hand-stuffed ingredients, such as pecans, almonds, dried cranberries, dried apricot, walnuts, or flaked coconut. My favorite of the hand-stuffed dates is the Medjool Date with Pecans. When you bite through the dense, cake-like texture of the date and into the fresh, crunchy pecans… it’s so tempting and delicious that my mouth is watering right now! It’s such a sweet and satisfying treat that just can’t get any better. But oh, it can…because in cooler seasons Brocket Farms will cover their dates in chocolate! Can’t wait.

Brocket Farms LLC is a small, family run business located in sunny Yuma, Arizona and offers Medjool dates as well as fresh eggs, right from their own farm. The dates are all harvested and packed by hand.

Brocket Farms 4 piece Stuffed Dates shown in a small gift crate along with Rango Honey, The Simple Farm Goat’s Milk Sea Salt Caramels, and Revolution Tea minis.

We currently carry the 6oz and 10oz clamshells, and 2 piece, 4 piece and 20 piece stuffed dates. These products will start to be added to our special requests and custom gift baskets right away, then make their way into some of our standard designs over time. They are available right now in our Elegant Gourmet Gift Basket and Design-It-Yourself Gift Crates!

The Medjool whole dates in a clear clamshell packaging, and the stuffed dates in their craft boxes are a perfect inclusion into gift baskets for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, gluten-free themes, fresh fruit baskets, healthier themed gifts, get well, and etc.

If you don’t yet see Brocket Farms dates in your gift basket of choice – just ask!

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