New Product: Gourmet Shortbread Brownie

May 7, 2014

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OOOOOhhhhh, YEAH! This product is absolutely awesome.

Silk Shortbread (S&B Gourmet Foods, LLC, Phoenix, AZ) was founded with a mission to bring the classic flavor of an old family shortbread recipe to be enjoyed as they are in the quaint tea rooms of the UK. They succeed with a delicate and rich flavor thanks to a very short list of quality ingredients (free of preservatives); plus the cookies pair beautifully with our favorite teas and coffees. They bake, hand cut and package all of their cookies right here in Phoenix.

We’ve carried the delectably incredible, sinfully crave-able, Silk Shortbread cookies for quite some time, reveling in the Cherry Almond and Classic Butter cookie recipes.

Silk Shortbread Cookies and Shortbread Brownies

So, how could one possibly make our most favoritist shortbread cookies ever even better? Uh, top it with a rich chocolate brownie, duh! Oh, and you want a gluten-free version? No prob!

Yes, you read that right. They’ve created an original and a gluten-free version. And unbelievably, the Gluten-Free Gourmet Shortbread Brownie, made using oat and rice flour, is THE BEST gluten-free baked product I have ever tasted. Even my non-GF taste testers agree.

How can my raised eyebrows get even higher at this moment? Currently, M.R. Designs & Gifts is the ONLY company in Arizona to carry the Silk Shortbread Gourmet Shortbread Brownies, and one of only two companies in the world (a retailer in CO received a shipment as well), before the products are officially rolled out later this month.

Our stock is limited until the products officially are released later this month, and until we start adding them to our online gift basket arrangements please be sure to ask for the Shortbread Brownies or Gluten Free Shortbread Brownies in your gift basket order.

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