Native Arizona Gift Basket

Native Arizona Gift Basket


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Product Description

Show off the beauty and character of our wonderful state of Arizona with this unique Native Arizona Gift Basket. Great for Welcoming out of town guests, Housewarming, Big Game or Phoenix Open VIPs, or Arizona convention attendee welcome & guest speaker gifts.

Classic – $98.50

  • Handmade Coiled Basket* styles vary, natural vegetation dyes
  • Handmade Navajo Dreamcatcher* certified Authentic Native American
  • 8 oz Cerreta’s Western Shapes Chocolates Gold Box* milk, dark, and white chocolates
  • An Arizona Pictorial Souvenir Book* Sonoran Desert Food Plants and Edible Uses by Charles W. Kane
  • 5 oz Cerreta’s Pecan Butter Crisps* pecan brittle
  • 5 oz Golden Corn Tortilla Chips*
  • 12 oz Goldwater’s Sedona Red Salsa*
  • 8 oz Cactus Candy Company Prickly Pear Cactus Candy*
  • 5 oz Arizona Gunslinger Jalapeno Hot Sauce*
  • 3 oz Arizona Cowboy Candy Rocks* jelly bean style candy
  • 1 oz Prickly Pear Cactus Lollipop*
  • 2 oz Cerreta’s Arizona Camelbacks Bar* chocolate, caramel, and pecans

*indicates local product

Tax (if applicable) and Local Hand Delivery or Freight fees are calculated during Checkout. Some product may vary depending upon availability. During the hot summer months, the chocolates in this arrangement may be substituted with a non-meltable product of equal or greater value.

A note about the Coiled Basket: Coiled baskets are made like coiled pottery. Thin strips of fibers, wood, leaves or grass are wrapped into a bundle which is coiled around in a continuous spiral. Colors created from natural vegetation are used to dye the fibers making the beautiful and complex design possible. These baskets can range from 12″ to 14″ in diameter. Due to their handmade nature, baskets will vary slightly.

A note about the Dreamcatcher: This Navajo made Dreamcatcher Artifact, according to tribal lore, will intercept bad dreams which get entangled in the webbing to perish at the first light of day.

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