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As the owner, gift consultant, and chief inspiration officer at M.R. Designs & Gifts, Jenifer Anseth is the heart and soul of her gift basket business. She works with her clients at a time when they’re looking to make a perfect, lasting impression on loved ones, friends, and clients—and she delivers for them time and again. No matter if she’s helped a client once or dozens of times, the feeling they’re left with after working with M.R. Designs & Gifts is of being valued as a customer and a friend.

Jenifer didn’t start out to be a gift basket designer and gift consultant. Like many entrepreneurs, she was originally on a different path. For Jenifer, that started with a degree in business administration and experience working in public relations, advertising, and marketing. Her focus shifted with the birth of her second daughter, when she chose to stay home with her two small children. Perhaps it was her ability to get things done that prompted her old employer to call her back as a consultant, and Jenifer then started JAM Services, L.L.C. to provide outsourced support to companies.

But something else kept pulling at her.

Naturally creative, Jenifer had always had an interest in design and fashion, nurtured by her parents while growing up. She had a particular knack for making something beautiful out of seemingly nothing, and even as a child, she would create keepsakes and sell them. Passing along this creative gene to her children, her eldest daughter (then two years old) drew and painted pictures that Jenifer transformed into greeting cards for clients, even including one with each gift basket she had begun making for friends.

It was Jenifer’s husband who encouraged her to turn her passion and creativity into a business. She named M.R. Designs & Gifts for her daughter, Madelyn Rose, who was the inspiration for the business with those beautiful pictures turned into cards. The support of her family has always been vital to her success, so when it came time to design a logo that portrayed the company “spirit,” Jenifer made sure they were included. The focus of the company is on creating the perfect gift for everyone. Jenifer had found her true calling.

In the 13+ years since Jenifer has been at the helm of M.R. Designs & Gifts, her passion has not diminished, and their client base has grown tremendously. The company works with clients from all walks of life and around the world, including professional athletes, celebrities, and government officials. No matter who is requesting a personalized gift, Jenifer’s team takes the time to consult with each client to find out what kind of person the recipient is, including hobbies, likes, and interests. Her team has created unique, one-of-a-kind baskets for special occasions as well as hundreds of the same basket for trade shows and events. The only limits they have are legal; obviously, they cannot ship alcoholic beverages or controlled substances. They also cannot use cut fruit due to license requirements and won’t ship fruit or perishables. Beyond those limitations, though, the sky’s the limit!

Some of the gifts the M.R. Designs & Gifts team has created include origami cash in the shape of roses and F-16 fighters; giant chocolate-drenched strawberries; diaper cakes; vegan, gluten-free, and Kosher food baskets; and themed baskets including southwest, Mardi Gras, Elvis, pool party, fitness, and corporate playtime. MRDesignsandGifts.com contains a large selection of standard gift baskets available for purchase online or by phone, and within the studio, they maintain a well-stocked inventory in order to create baskets quickly for their available same-day delivery. They will also incorporate clients’ items, and Jenifer is always willing to go on a scavenger hunt to find just the right touch for a custom arrangement.

Although M.R. Designs & Gifts hand-couriers baskets and gifts across the Phoenix metro area, their reach isn’t limited. Their gift baskets are carefully packaged and shipped nationwide via FedEx Ground or USPS (when priority or overnight service is needed). Worldwide shipping is also available. In addition, by partnering with a network of personally selected colleagues across the country, they ensure that clients’ gifts are exactly as envisioned, whether shipped from Arizona or made right there in the recipient’s hometown.

Jenifer’s continued inspiration for her business is her family and the responses she receives from her clients. She is as invested in the reaction of the recipient as the person giving the gift, and every happy customer puts a smile on her face as well.

Jenifer Anseth is available to speak at events and programs to share tips and tricks for basic gift-basket-building techniques, as well as recreating some of her famous baskets. She teaches audiences how to build a perfect gift and inspires them with different pairings and complementary items to create amazing baskets that deliver the “WOW Factor.”

Please contact Jenifer at 602-266-5572 oror visit MRDesignsandGifts.com to learn more or view some of their gift options. You can also keep tabs on M.R. Designs & Gifts through their Facebook page, facebook.com/azgiftbaskets, where they post photos of custom designs and share exciting tidbits of information.

Owner interviewed, and biography composed by Amanda Collins, The Grammar Doctors, Phoenix.

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