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Wine Gift Baskets

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Wine Gift Baskets are offered in collaboration with award-winning Su Vino Winery, Scottsdale, Arizona and are available for Local Hand Delivery only.

Please call 602.266.5572 to place your Wine Gift Basket Order.


Add a Bottle of Su Vino Cabernet Sauvignon – $24 (includes tax)
An award-winning wine that has the classic flavor profile that makes Cabernet the most famous grape in the world. This version, while still complex, is smoother than many with not as much tannin that makes some younger Cabs taste bitter. Therefore, this wine can be enjoyed by the Cab lover or even somebody who gravitates towards the lighter bodied reds like Merlot.

Add a Bottle of Su Vino Chardonnay – $18 (includes tax)
An award-winning Chardonnay where you can actually taste the fruit instead of just oak. Luscious tropical & tree fruit make your mouth come alive on the first sips; a crisp finish including a hint of vanilla. If you’re tired of the typical everyday over-oaked Chardonnay, try this one!

Add a Bottle of Su Vino Sparkling – COMING SOON…

Wine Gift Baskets are available for Local Hand Delivery only.  Local Hand Delivery service is $15.99 (per location) and is available to the following Zip Codes.